The visionary, strategist &
explorer behind Insights Studio…

I collect ideas, connections, and insights to help you
create your own unique, high value business proposition that will captivate your audience.

After working in the media industry with L’Oréal, Lancôme, Dove, Cartier, and many other iconic brands for 10+ years…

I came to understand what it really takes to create a high-profile brand and business for the long run.

That’s why I help ambitious entrepreneurs – who have already built successful careers and stellar reputations – create their own distinct, high-impact businesses based on their core values, strengths, and vision.

TOGETHER we can discover groundbreaking opportunities for your business—opportunities that seemed unimaginable before.



I help my clients…

  • work in their highest level of genius
  • create unprecedented work consistently
  • connect and build affinity with their audience
  • become thought leaders in their field
  • partner with the iconic global leaders, movers, and shakers
  • gain world-class visibility, sought-after partnerships & connections

In other words, I build powerful, captivating brands that will LAST.

My Story

I’m all about helping highly driven individuals build their own high quality businesses that allow them to share their brilliance with the world.

It all began when as a student at Cornell, I set off to Italy to explore Italian luxury industries. I had an inside look into the world of iconic brands like Missoni, Ducati and Banfi. That’s when I discovered what it takes to build a high quality brand and business that stands the test of time.

My in-depth exploration into the evolution of luxury and values for which brands stand inspired my work over the past decade and continues to inspire me today—as I help entrepreneurs create their own high-quality brands that capture the hearts and minds of their audiences.

My commitment to entrepreneurs goes beyond my direct work with them. In 2014, I founded Insights Atelier – a boutique consultancy practice dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship globally, where I work with educational institutions, global organizations and brands to create impactful entrepreneurship-focused initiatives.


2016 Iconic Woman in Women Empowerment Award by Women’s Economic Forum, New Delhi
2015 Young Leader Inspire Award for contributions to marketing communications industry worldwide by International Advertising Association, London


Are you ready to create your own unique, high-quality brand?