Did we just start the anti yoga pants revolution?

Have you ever heard of Zhineng Qigong? [Pronounced chi-neng—chi-gong]

Qigong is a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi – it has been practiced in China for centuries. Zhineng Qigong (ZQ) is a form of Qigong, a science that emphasizes the use of conscious ability to reach one’s full potential in different areas of life: health, career, business and personal relationships.

My client, Claire Ocampo of trueoneness.com, who built her career working with top management teams at leading healthcare institutions in New York City, is now bringing ZQ to the boardrooms, where critical conversations can make a meaningful impact in the world.


Not only can this practice help busy executives and entrepreneurs in developing higher efficiency in their work and business but it also has the power to help them utilize their intellectual potential to the fullest while helping them stay in control of their emotions and keep their focus towards achieving their goals.

So, what did we do to bring this Eastern practice to the modern executive’s office?

We created modern, sleek, contemporary brand positioning for Claire.

Brand positioning that connects and resonates with today’s executives (boardroom, modern, refined, sleek, business power-woman look and feel, trusted business consultant)

Serene, relaxing, freeing and energizing natural environments that office-confined executives are so longing for: Central Park, sea shore, top of the hill overlooking Manhattan at sunrise – a dream escape from the chaos of the office.

All that vision was brought to life by our amazing photographer Monika Broz.

And yoga pants? Who says you need yoga pants to practice ZQ when you can wear a pretty summer dress? Yes, ZQ can be practiced even in a summer dress or in an office attire and it looks so gracious and elegant.

By the way, this is the first time ZQ practice was ever done in a dress (at least on camera) – so gracious and beautiful! Did we just start anti-yoga pants revolution?

Because ZQ is a lifestyle. It’s meant to be practiced as you live your life. Even in a dress.

Photo Credit: Monika Broz Photography