Do your visuals express your true essence?
Or are you relying on a logo and pretty headshot to
show the world your brilliance?

You love what you do…
…and you’ve had success making a difference for your clients.
…but you aspire to do it more for more people.

To do this, you need to stand out from the crowd and mesmerize your audience.

You just don’t know how to differentiate yourself in this saturated market. How is it even possible to stand out online when just scrolling through a news-feed feels like flipping through the pages of Vogue?

What you do know is that differentiation is what separates the pros from the amateurs – and you are firmly in the pro camp.

It’s SO overwhelming. You see a new photo you like and change your mind about your own photos. Maybe you’ll go with silver instead gold. Maybe photos on the beach instead of the city. There’s just so much inspiration. So many ideas. You need some focus so you can create a coherent brand that is unique to you.


What’s the answer?

Do you take the online quiz that spits out your “brand” after 10 multiple choice questions? Do you create yet another Pinterest inspiration board?

What you desire is someone who can give you the attention you need to make the right choices. To offer support, guidance and strategy in taking your business to the next level. To help you express your special genius.


You want help:

  • Understanding how to best showcase your unique value – because there’s nothing cookie cutter about you
  • Strategically developing your look – the images, colors, moods and art direction that will express who you are visually
  • Effectively attracting attention of your specific customers – so they notice you in the crowded market

And getting a logo designed and some headshots taken will not help you get there.

It’s a start, don’t get us wrong.

BUT…if you want to capture the attention of your best prospects, in the 3 seconds they’ll give you on the web…

You need to stand out. You need to be seen, and understood.
The right visual branding achieves that like nothing else can, or will. Ever.

But how do you know where to start?

Granted, there are a lot of promises being made, a lot of shiny objects to get distracted by.
We help you cut through all the noise and clutter…and we do it in a way that’s fun, focused and fast.

“I knew that the work I do produces transformative results for my clients. But I also knew that I could help so many more people by having a strategy to fascinate people with images that reflected my unique value and expertise – images that would make people want to learn more.”

– Claire Ocampo, Zhineng Qigong Teacher, Founder of True Oneness

You can get what Claire got:

  • Individualized attention – the process takes days instead of months
  • Guidance to discover your authentic value – we’ll show you how to project that to the world in a way that’s authentic and meaningful
  • Customized strategic reference branding book – so you have a solid blueprint to guide you
  • Unique images that show your best self – no boring, staged shots
  • Time and space to focus on you and your business – an immersive and luxurious experience

Few exceptional women can get this visibility and business boosting opportunity by applying for a spot in our exclusive Visual Branding Immersion in Krakow, Poland


The intensive is not your
average branding experience.

Because you’re not average
And neither is your business.

You’ll receive the undivided focus from Aleksandra Lacka – a strategic branding visionary who helps entrepreneurs just like you pinpoint EXACTLY what makes you different and better and how to best showcase it to the world.

More than 10 years in the media industry, working with iconic brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, and Cartier, gave Aleksandra an inside look at what makes for successful branding. She took these lessons and now applies them to helping driven, motivated women create their own thriving brands that stand out.


“Aleksandra is amazing! I cannot recommend her work enough. Having her listen to me and translate through her knowledge and expertise was so valuable. I will never consider doing it alone.”

– Elisha Clark Halpin, Dancer, Choreographer & Creative Life Coach


You’ll also receive the creative expertise of Monika Broz – a personal branding and beauty photographer who captures that perfect moment when you express your unique inner light.

Clichés will not be found in Monika’s photos. She is a creative conceptualist who aims for authentic, unique images that grab attention. Her photos have been published in the New York Times, Hello Magazine, Martha Stewart and AdBusters.

“Monika’s photographs are spectacular and whimsical, so artistically cultured, imaginative and poetic, that they truly set her apart as an artist among mere photographers.”

– Gina LaCarreras, Transformational Coach

This only happens once for an exclusive group in a small, focused and uber-productive four-day session. You’ll walk away with amazing visuals, clarity, a sense of purpose and newfound energy for all you can accomplish. And you’ll receive the experience in the royal City of Krakow.
This is no assembly line process. We laser-focus on you and your business – using a detailed system and strategy in an experiential setting that gives you what you need to create best visual branding and take your business from good to “nothing-can-stop-me-now.”
We’re limiting this experience to only a handful of women – only up to 4 women – women who are truly ready to deep dive into why they do what they do, are committed to creating impact for their clients, and wanting to take their business to the next level.

We want you to immerse yourself in all that is authentically you.
It has the potential to radically advance your business in a way that might surprise (and delight!) you.
Take your brand to the next level.
Discover what makes you and your business unique
– and express this to your ideal clients –
the ones who will fight for your attention and happily pay premium prices for your help.

Apply for a spot in our four-day
Visual Branding Immersion in Krakow, Poland


Of course, your experience doesn’t begin and end in Krakow.
You’ll first spend some time with Aleksandra and Monika on Skype sessions.

And during these calls…
…you’ll be inspired.
Inspired to think bigger…
…to bring new ideas to life.

With Aleksandra’s and Monika’s evidence-based system you’ll feel excited, motivated and energized. They make the investment to get to know you and your business deeply.

With this deep knowledge, they’ll show you how to best connect and visually engage with your audience. And identify opportunities you never thought possible.

Just like they did for Frøydis:

“Spending an immersive few days with Aleksandra and Monika was exactly what my business needed. I wanted to visually communicate my expertise with more impact. I was impressed with how much they learned about me and my business – and the quality of advice and images they provided. I’m now even more confident about what I can accomplish.”

– Frøydis Egge-Jacobsen, Business Coach & Consultant

Next comes the really exciting part, where your vision turns into action and you see tangible, meaningful results.
You may even start to see your business through new eyes.

And this part will happen in the magical City of Krakow.

August 8-11, 2017 immersion will be reserved for 4 high-caliber women who are ready to take their businesses to soaring new heights, and to set the stage for an expansive growth and success of their personal brands. Do you see yourself as being one of those women?

The dynamic we will create will be magical! You will inspire each other and form meaningful, lasting friendships and collaborations.

On day one all of us will come together to get to know each other, our brands and business goals. It’s our opportunity to exchange ideas and inspiration. Dinner and drinks will be on the agenda. Day two will be our visual branding day, that’s when we will go on a custom curated visual inspiration journey and then map out the plan for your next day’s photo shoot. We will end the day with a wardrobe fitting and arranging for the next day – a fun, grown-up dress-up party.

Day three will be photo shoot day. This is when you’ll get those gorgeous mesmerizing images for you, your brand and your audience. Monika and Aleksandra will take care of every detail so you can just relax and enjoy the experience. It’s your opportunity to collaborate with few other engaged, going-places, entrepreneurial women in a social and fun setting. At the end of the day, we will celebrate with exquisite dinner and a champagne toast.

Last day will be our strategy planning day where we will map out best ways of successfully leveraging your newly created visual content. This will also be the day when we will enjoy shopping and sightseeing in the beautiful city of Krakow.


It’s time for you to get noticed, so you can create something
meaningful for more people.

And this starts with effective visuals
that entice and intrigue your audience.

You’ve invested so much time in building your business, to getting where you are.
Don’t miss this opportunity to really take off – to share your energy, power and knowledge with more people.

They need your help – they just don’t know you yet.

Are You Ready to Apply for a Spot in the
Visual Branding Immersion in Krakow?

Here’s how it works:

When you apply we will be interested to know why you wish to participate and what you desire to accomplish. Not everyone is the right fit, or ready. We will not ask you to invest, unless we feel certain it’s the right move for your brand at this time.

Next, we will schedule a 30-minute call to determine if we’re a fit for one another – you’ll get the opportunity to ask us questions too. After this, we each decide if we want to work together.

If the Visual Branding Immersion is right for your business, you’ll love the three days. Because if you’re going to get away, you might as well do it in style.

Check out the exclusive VIP experience we’ve designed for you:

  • Three nights’ accommodation at a luxury hotel in Krakow – you’ll feel like a royalty
  • A dedicated driver for photo shoot day – to get you in the mood to feel what your new brand can do for you
  • All meals will be provided – you can’t change the world on an empty stomach
  • Hair and makeup team to bring out your best in your photos – because you want to look fabulous

And you get all of this for $4,500.


This is an incredible value. Many photographer packages start at this price, but with our intensive you get so much more. You get branding expertise and beautiful, show-my-best-me photos that will have you soaring to new heights, getting the best clients and the income you desire. And you get a thoughtful, creative and fun four days in Krakow to enjoy it all.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain the insights needed to strategically brand your business.
Only a few women who are serious about getting noticed for the true value they offer will be accepted.

Apply for your spot now.

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